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RaiseTheflag.ca is the personal website featuring views, opinions, stories and articles from a variety of cited sources from around the internet. The aim of this personal website is to share the views, news and opinions that the website creator finds compelling. This website is intended for curious, open-minded individuals who enjoy challenging subjects and vibrant conversations. This website tries to present stories stories from authors, organizations and platforms that are helping in the struggle for individuals to live free and under their own sovereignty in a world that is becoming more and more controlled. PS, this domain, raisetheflag.ca, is for sale, if you or your organization are interested in the domain name raisetheflag.ca please contact me by email, the current price is $24,000 CAD or 6 ETH.

Hello and thank you for visiting

Who knows what the future will hold, eh, little guy?

I live in New Brunswick, Canada near the Peticodiac River and this is my website. My grandparents came to Canada from Europe and Australia and lived and worked hard and they fought in World War 2 for the cause of freedom. They all worked hard after the war, my maternal grandparents operated a creamery in Alberta and my paternal grandparents worked in the gold mines in the NWT and I grew up in both regions experiencing the ruggedness of Canada’s North as well as the wide-openness of Alberta.

My parents were part of a changing Canada and experienced the social shifts that took place through the 70’s and 80’s and went through an educational system that placed an importance on a different set of values of older generations and when I entered the modern school system I found myself uninspired by the methods and curriculum and after going through the public school system and a few sessions of college I dropped out and went to work at a variety of jobs both good and bad.

Before starting my own small business in New Brunswick in 2010 I worked in British Columbia, Alberta, NWT, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland in a variety of jobs including working as a newspaper delivery boy, kitchen helper, usher at a movie theater, sandwich shop attendant, darkroom technician, small town newspaper reporter, touring musician, photographer, website creator, house painter, delivery driver, warehouse worker and landscaper. I wrote a play that got performed, I won a writing contest on the topic of protecting nature, I had a short film presented at a film festival and was part of a musical band that had a song played on national radio.

So that’s a bit about me, now let’s talk about this website and where it came from…

RaiseTheFlag.ca – 2009

I created the RaiseTheFlag.ca website in 2009 and used it for the author Donald Davison to promote his recently published book called “Raise The Flag and Sound The Cannon” which told the story of the raid on St. Albans, Vermont October 19, 1864. “Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon” formerly titled “Raid From Hell” by Don Davison is the historical novel recounting the 1864 raid on St. Albans, known as the Northernmost battle of the civil war.

During the American Civil War, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America (CSA) was desperate for money and arms. One solution was to rob Union towns close to the Canadian border and run back to the safety of Canada thereafter. As a result a raid was planned in Montreal by the Confederate “rebels” on St. Albans, Vermont.

A young officer was put in charge and asked what he thought of his chances for success. “Canada can’t arrest us. They’re neutral. We’ll call the raid a military action and besides … it’s only 14 miles back to the border”, laughed the confident rebel leader, Lieutenant Bennett Young. All of which is a true story.

The middle of the 19th century in America is in a transition from huge immigration from Europe in the first half of the century to industrial expansion, in particular the manufacturing of iron and steel, the railways and the telegraphs, in the latter half.

Life styles are simple. A nightly church service is the only entertainment and diversion in town. There are no cars, trucks, phones or lights. Patent medicines are the principal method for curing the effects of maladies but not causes. Because of the War, St. Albans is struggling with the loss of many of its men.

When Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army lost the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863 and General Ulysses Grant became the leader of the Union forces in the spring of 1864, the tide of the Civil War turns against the Confederate States of America.

The book by Don Davison is still available from a few re-sellers on Amazon here: Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon (*afflink)

RaiseTheFlag.ca – 2019

In 2019, the book had ended the print run having sold the first printings and the RaiseTheFlag.ca website stayed dormant as a historical record of the book and when Don no longer needed to promote the book I decided to hold onto the domain name for posterity and for some future use whatever that may be, I had no idea but did like the domain name.

The website was in limbo and life seemed to go on as before until in early 2020 something in the world changed…

RaiseTheFlag.ca – 2020

In 2020 there was a sudden undeniable shift in the world, a global network started revealing itself under the guise of a health emergency, and as I started to feel the lockdowns and the shift in tone from our “elected officials” I decided to put the domain name to use and started hosting a new version of the website. From 2020 to 2023 I used the website to post my findings regarding the “pandemic” and the Canadian response.  I began to collate and curate a variety of news and information sources that were being ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream media and the officials who seemed to feel they were in charge.

For 3 years I discovered many subjects that were often deemed to be conspiracies that suddenly were revealed to be actual ongoing processes that had a clear goal for society and the world and I used this website as my own personal repository of information where I collected the names of investigative reporters and the names of websites that promoted truth and helped me uncover a vast rabbit hole of disturbing truths about the world and how it actually operated.

I maintained the website mainly as a personal project promoting the people and events that I found to be of interest. Seeing how the Canadian Government acted towards the Truckers and having my own small donation frozen by the banks was a real wake-up moment and I almost have to thank those involved for opening my eyes and shaking off the complacency I had to the way things were run in Canada.

RaiseTheFlag.ca – 2024

It is now 2024 and the RaiseTheFlag.ca website has become my small effort to spread the news and introduce themes and ideas to anyone who happens to find this website. I want to use this website to help support the organizations and individuals who are standing up to fight against the global controlling forces who want to shroud humanity in.a darkness of ignorance, fear and conformity.

I write some of the posts and articles on this website and some of the articles are referenced through various WordPress plugins and some are collected through official RSS feeds on other official organization’s or personal author’s websites and blogs. I always try to cite the original sources and to give full credit to the people and groups and organizations and business who allow me to post their content. If you are the owner of any content that you find posted on my website and don’t want it appearing on my website let me know and I will be happy to remove it, my intent is to share and give credit to content creators and news sources I personally find valuable, not to misappropriate anyone’s work.

I thank you for visiting appreciate all of you who have helped make a difference in the lives of good, freedom-loving individuals in Canada and around the world. I consider you to be allies in a struggle that is bigger than most struggles we’ve ever had and hope to be a part of a bright future, which is why I want to “Raise The Flag!”.

My aim is to continue present the stories, articles, videos and commentary from the diverse group of individuals and organizations I follow and admire who are moving to build a strong and free country and a strong and free world where we can find peace and self-sufficiency and self-determination.

If you have any ideas, suggestions complaints or comments let me know by email at info@raisetheflag.ca

Your Truly,

New Brunswick, Canada