A crucial moment for humankind

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have warned, especially since 2020, of the enormous danger currently staring us in the face.

Looking through the latest Acorn bulletin, published yesterday on the Winter Oak site, I am struck by the realisation that the situation really is as bad as I have been saying, if not even worse!

There is Giovanni Pandolfini pointing to the “perverse and diabolical path” by which small farmers are being forced into debt and off the land in favour of the biggest, most capital-backed, hi-tech and predatory agri-businesses.

There is Escapekey explaining how the fake-green global “climate” operation is nothing other than fraud and theft, “a colossal public transfer to the privileged few”.

There are Lynn Davenport and Alice Linehan pointing out that “investors” are making money from our children’s schoolwork, thanks to software that turns educational data into yet another source of profit for the financial parasites.

Then there is Toby Rogers warning that “lockdowns” represent “the most extreme form of enclosure in human history”; Kate Mason describing how the “far right” label is being systematically used to crush dissent; reports that “rhetoric seeking to undermine confidence in solutions to climate change” is being presented as the latest variant of “climate denial” and news that draconian new legislation in France criminalises criticism of Big Pharma and its jabs.

We also learn that not only is the UK arming and approving Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing in Gaza but that, as Lowkey reports, “pro-Israel forces currently have control of NHS, Foreign Office, Home Office and Ministry of Defence data”.

I can only agree with Craig Murray when he says: “Sometimes the blindingly obvious is worth saying out loud. Whether I am fighting for Julian Assange, fighting to save Palestinians or fighting the massive wealth gap in western society, I always find I am fighting against precisely the same people and forces”.

These people and forces are quite obviously currently making a big move towards their long-cherished goal of a totalitarian world state in which people and nature alike have been reduced to nothing but assets, owned and exploited by the sociopathic ruling class.

They are, to a great extent, throwing caution to the wind in doing so, and are arrogantly revealing their agenda in a way previously unimagineable.

This is the moment to act! We cannot let them get away with their twisted project, even though the vast reach of their corrupt power makes this a challenging proposition.

I have been discussing how we might best resist the criminocacy in my series of articles from Our Quest for Freedom, but here I’ll leave the last word to our friends over at The Stirrer.

“One thing we are doing our level best to do is to encourage people to start quietly withdrawing their consent for the system to carry on functioning as it is”.

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