A Setback for the "Cult of Modi"? Indian Opposition Faring Surprisingly Well in Early Election Count


Preliminary results from the world’s largest election suggest Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist BJP party will have a reduced majority in Parliament, with the opposition alliance known by the acronym INDIA doing better than expected. During India’s six-week election, voters and poll workers endured deadly heat waves, and vocal critic Arvind Kejriwal was sent to prison on corruption charges. This comes as Modi’s opponents have accused the prime minister of using hate speech after he described Muslims in India as “infiltrators.” Meanwhile, journalists who are critical of Modi have been expelled, investigated and raided by his government. The “massive reduction” in power, despite holding “one of the most undemocratic elections,” demonstrates “the anti-Muslim rhetoric has not quite worked for Modi,” says Indian journalist Rana Ayyub in New Dehli. “This election result, it might still give Modi a third term, but it has punctured the hubris around Modi.”

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