"A Stalemate and Attritional Grind": Journalist Luke Mogelson on 2 Years of Russia's War in Ukraine

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We speak with The New Yorker war correspondent Luke Mogelson about the war in Ukraine, where the government has just passed a controversial bill that expands military conscription and cracks down on draft dodgers in an effort to replenish the depleted ranks of the army, more than two years since Russia launched its invasion. Military leaders have warned that Russian forces outnumber Ukrainian troops tenfold in the east. Mogelson says the Ukrainian military ranks are filled with “predominantly working-class men from rural areas or smaller villages,” while people in Kyiv and other large cities, where the elites live, can more easily avoid the full impact of the war. “You can really feel the gap between the two worlds widening,” says Mogelson, adding that most people realize the war cannot be sustained indefinitely and that “at some point there needs to be a negotiation” to end the fighting. Mogelson is the winner of this year’s prestigious George Polk Award for magazine reporting for his article “Two Weeks at the Front in Ukraine.”

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