Alleged Edmonton City Hall shooter takes aim at “genocide” in Gaza in video: report

The man police allege is responsible for shooting up Edmonton’s City Hall on Tuesday said in a video before the rampage that he was “just tired of seeing the tyranny and corruption taking over our society and our lives.”

In a four-minute video shared and reported on by Rebel News, journalist Adam Soos identified as Bezhani Sarvar takes aim at “wokism,” the housing crisis, multiculturalism, and what he says is the “genocide” in Gaza.

“As-Salaam-Alaikum. Brothers and sisters, before I do my mission, I want you all to know that I am not a psychopath. I do not believe in bloodshed. I am not one of these monsters that hurt children, that hurt innocents, and that promote wars all around the civilization of our society,” the man in the video says. 

The video has not officially been linked to Sarvar.

The man in the video is wearing the same security uniform as the man discharging a gun inside City Hall.

Edmonton police confirmed that a man entered Edmonton City Hall on Tuesday armed with a long gun and a Molotov cocktail. Shots were fired into the ceiling, walls, and windows, and a fire was set, but no one was struck by gunfire. After shooting the gun, the man dropped the firearm on the floor and surrendered to a City Hall security officer, who detained him until police arrived. 

According to the Edmonton Journal, court records identify the weapon as an “assault rifle.” Some users on X claimed that the weapon was an SKS, a popular non-restricted semi-automatic firearm, and that the accused may not have known how to operate it, which is why it appeared to jam up in the video.

Edmonton police confirmed that Sarvar is facing seven charges: reckless discharge of a firearm into place, knowingly possess unauthorized firearm, use/place/throw explosive substance, arson to property, possess incendiary material, use of firearm while committing offence and careless use of firearm. Sarvar is set to appear in court Thursday morning.

“I’m just tired of seeing the tyranny and corruption taking over our society and our lives,” said the man in the video. Adding that he wants workers of many different professions to “rise up against this Wokeism disease that’s leading our generation into deception.” 

He continued, appearing to read from a script, asking others to rise up against inflation, the housing crisis, and the unrest happening thanks to multiculturalism. He said that this needs to come to an end before it leads to destruction.

He asked that people rise up to put a stop to the leaders, officials, or anyone who has hands “into this corruption, into this genocide that’s going on in Gaza and throughout the world.”

The man in the video said that anyone who is destabilizing other countries and hurting their community should be ashamed of themselves.

“And inshallah, we will rise against you guys, and we’ll put you on trial.” 

“Inshallah” translates from Arabic as “God willing.”

The video continues after a quick cut, with the speaker talking about a “man-made immigration crisis,” saying that immigrants are “part of this agenda.”

However, the speaker says that instead of hate and anger, “we must spread love.” He recommends respecting Canadian laws and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Canadians to fight racism, inflation, rising costs, and tax money going towards genocide and wars.

“We must all stand united and fight this off,” he said.

He then begins promoting a healthy social life, health system, and education. 

“I have a good life. I have a beautiful wife. I have beautiful children. I love them dearly. But I cannot sit back and let this happen. I cannot watch our society crumble into darkness.” 

The speaker recommends everyone to rise up. He said that people need to stop being on their phones and begin communicating with each other. He recommends stopping hate, racism, and bullying. 

Following a brief interlude in a different language, the speaker returned to English, promoting better health choices on an individual and official level. 

“Look what’s happening. We all know what’s going on, and we cannot turn a blind eye. I’m not turning a blind eye. Salam-Alaikum, brothers and sisters. Inshallah. I’ll succeed with my mission. If I don’t succeed, I know somebody else will succeed for me. Salam-Alaikum.” 

Salam-Alaikum is a standard Muslim greeting that translates to “peace be unto you.”

The Edmonton police said they are aware of the video circulating online that may be related to this incident. They added that it is currently under investigation and that the video is being reviewed. 

City Hall remained closed to staff and public on Wednesday, however Edmonton police chief Dale McFee said that there is no longer a public safety concern.

“I would like to reassure the public that we believe there is no further threat to public safety at this time. The investigation is in its early stages, and we will continue to update Edmontonians as it progresses,” said McFee.

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