"Collective Punishment": Israel Raids Jenin Camp in West Bank, Killing 8, "Shooting Everything”

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In the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces raided the northern city of Jenin early Tuesday morning, killing at least eight Palestinians, including a doctor shot dead on his way to work and a teenager riding his bicycle. About a dozen others were injured, including a journalist. Motasem Abu Hasan, an actor at The Freedom Theatre in the Jenin refugee camp who escaped the invasion, describes the ongoing attack on the camp. “They are shooting everything,” says Abu Hasan. The Freedom Theatre was about to premiere their first play since October 7 as part of their wider effort to share the Palestinian narrative and “reveal the truth about the Israeli occupation.” The raid began just as Spain, Ireland and Norway became the latest European states to recognize the Palestinian state. “It’s a result of the cultural intifada,” says Abu Hasan. “That’s why we really believe in the power of narrative, especially in The Freedom Theatre, in Palestine, in Jenin camp.”

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