Elon Musk’s AI “Grok” Gives Stunningly Accurate Description of Why Governments Destabilize Countries for Power

Alex Jones warns: “This is an incredibly accurate and succinct definition about how the mind of a tyrant works.”

Elon Musk’s AI on X called “Grok” is being praised for its answer to why corrupt governments would want chaos.

Grok’s eye-opening answer revealed much, including the power of false flag events to limit civil liberties and manipulate public opinion, all after being asked: “Why would a corrupt government want chaos in the streets?”

‘This is just an incredibly accurate and succinct definition of how the mind of a tyrant works,” warned Alex Jones. “Thank God we have at least one AI that is half honest.”

Take a look:

Below is a transcript of Grok’s answer.

A corrupt government might want chaos in the streets for several reasons, such as:

1. Distraction: By creating chaos, the government can divert the public’s attention from its own corruption and shortcomings.

2. Power consolidation: A government could use chaos as a pretext to increase its power, limit civil liberties, and crack down on opposition.

3. Economic gain: Some corrupt officials might profit from chaos by exploiting the situation for personal gain, such as through black market activities or by receiving bribes to restore order.

4. Undermining opposition: Creating chaos can weaken political opponents and make it more difficult for them to organize and challenge the government.

5. Provoking a reaction: A government might want chaos in the streets to provoke a response from the public, which could then be used to justify further crackdowns or to garner support for the government’s actions. 

6. Manipulation of public opinion: By controlling the narrative around the chaos, a corrupt government can manipulate public opinion and shape the way people perceive the situation.

Grok’s answer of how authoritarians can sow and utilize discord brings to mind WEF head Klaus Schwab’s infamous speech about “preparing” for an “angrier world.”

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