Flashback: 2015 SNL Trump Skit Backfires, Shows Realistic MAGA White House

45th President’s appearance on the comedy program may have been the last time it was worth watching at all!

A 2015 Saturday Night Live comedy skit seeking to mock a would-be Donald Trump presidential administration is going viral online as it turned out to be an accurate prediction of the presidency instead of a sarcastic fantasy.

“In two years, you really made America great again,” an advisor tells the real President Trump. “I’ve got to admit, I didn’t think it could happen this fast. Everyone loves the new laws you tweeted.”

Next, Trump asks a military general about Syria, and he answers, “Well, ISIS is completely eliminated sir. The country is at peace, all the refugees have returned and they have great jobs as blackjack dealers at the Trump Hotel and Casino in Damascus.”

Regarding Russia, “Madam Secretary” tells Trump that Putin has backed off Ukraine, and when it comes to China, the deals he made has America “killing them on trade.”

The President of Mexico then walks into the Oval Office to hand Trump a check for the border wall.

Ending the skit, an advisor informs President Trump the American people are tired of winning and that the country is actually too great.

Trump tells the audience, “Winning is tough, it’s not that easy. If you think that’s how it’s going to be when I’m president, you’re wrong. It’s going to be even better. I said to the writers of this sketch, ‘Keep it modest.’ It’s better to start with low expectations that way you have nowhere to go but up.”

During another segment of the Trump SNL appearance, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David yells out, “Trump’s a racist,” telling the crowd he heard the network would pay him $5,000 to shout the phrase.

The joke pokes fun at the establishment’s desperation at the time to get anyone they could to attack the popular candidate.

Thousands of social media users pointed out the attempt at mocking a Trump presidency turned out in hindsight to be nearly clairvoyant.

The Gateway Pundit‘s Elijah Schaffer noted, “his presidency actually looked like this.”

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