Former Israeli Negotiator Daniel Levy: Only U.S. Pressure on Israel Can End Gaza Assault, Lead to Truce

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We speak with former Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy about ongoing efforts to reach another truce in Gaza after four months of intense Israeli bombardment and siege. Hamas has put forward a counterproposal to a U.S.-backed Israeli plan that includes a three-phase ceasefire over 135 days where Hamas would release all hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. Hamas is also calling for a permanent ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza — demands Israel has so far opposed. A successful ceasefire and wider regional stability depends on U.S. actions “to create circumstances in which Israel has hard choices to make,” says Levy. “America is apparently willing to risk being further entangled yet again in Middle East wars because it is unwilling to stare down an Israeli leader … who is insistent on maintaining his apartheid regime.”

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