“He is the real deal”: Alex Jones vouches for Pierre Poilievre

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has received a controversial vote of confidence from south of the border.

Infowars founder Alex Jones said in a post on X that Canada and the world need people like him in power.

“Been following this guy for years, and he is the real deal! Canada desperately needs many more leaders like him, and so does the rest of the world,” Jones said.

Jones made the comment while reposting a clip of the Conservative leader calling Justin Trudeau “illiberal” at a Brampton, Ont. press conference earlier this year.

“Liberals used to believe in liberty, and Conservatives believed in conserving it,” Poilievre said in the clip. “That was the common sense consensus we had in Canada.”

Poilievre was speaking at an “ethnic media round table” responding to increased theft and crime in Brampton.

“He wants to control your money, your kids, the economy, your speech, your bank account, everything,” he said. “I don’t want to run your life; I want to run your government.”

Poilievre’s office did not respond to a request for comment from True North about Jones’ endorsement.

This isn’t the first time Jones has praised Poilievre. Last year, the broadcaster said the Conservative leader was “totally anti-New World Order.”

Jones’s account was reinstated on X on Dec. 10, 2023, after the platform’s owner, Elon Musk, posted a poll asking followers to decide whether Jones should be allowed back.

Nearly two million X users voted in the poll, with about 70% of voters said Jones should be able to return.

The move to let Jones use the platform reversed a decision to “permanently” ban Jones and his InfoWars account for violating the company’s rules on “abusive behaviour.”

He was banned a day after Twitter’s then-CEO, Jack Dorsey, testified before the US Congress about the site’s alleged bias against conservatives.

Jones has at least 2.2 million followers on X. When he was banned in 2018, he had about 900,000 followers, and his Infowars account had around 430,000 followers.

The latest federal polling shows Poilievre’s Conservative party is set to win a majority in the House of Commons next election.

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