Hold The Line – Tamara Lich

Hold The Line: My story from the heart of the Freedom Convoy – 2023

The media said the Canadian truckers were Russian agents, controlled by Vladimir Putin.

Justin Trudeau called them extremists.

And the government put the country under martial law to stop them.

But what’s the real story? For the first time, the woman at the heart of the trucker convoy speaks out.

Tamara Lich: passionate organizer; loving mother and grandmother; proud Metis and proud Albertan; and defiant political prisoner, jailed for daring to criticize the government.

Her new book “Hold the Line: My Story from the Heart of the Freedom Convoy” is the inside scoop of what really happened.

You’ve heard from the media and the convoy’s critics. Now hear the truth from the woman who inspired the world and made Justin Trudeau blink.

About the author Tamara Lich: Tamara Lich is the woman who made Justin Trudeau blink. A Saskatchewan native, Tamara is a passionate advocate for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, with a special focus on the oil & gas sector. Tamara was instrumental in organizing the 2022 truckers Freedom Convoy, a protest against vaccine mandates that garnered international attention. Tamara is a wife and grandmother who lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

“Canadian Truckers Rule”
— Elon Musk

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Some reader response:


Tamara is a sweetheart of a person with a heart of gold. Read what really went down, in her own words. It’s disgusting the way our present government has and still is treating Tamara and the other Freedom protesters like criminals. Trudeau and Freeland should be charged for knowingly defying the laws and our constitutional rights, especially since a Canadian judge ruled that Trudeau had no reason to invoke the emergency act and he violated their charter rights.

My advice is to read what really happened, in Tamara’s own words. This was such an important event in Canadian history, closely watched around the world and inspiring the citizens of other countries to stand up to their own governments.

PR: I read this amazing book in 3 days. I could not put it down. Canadians who were not at the 2022 Freedom Convoy, should do themselves a favour and purchase this book. The state-paid media in Canada, lied to Canadians about what the Freedom Convoy was really about; lied about the people involved and the amazing efforts of protesters and supporters to keep the protest peaceful. Tamara provides everyone with everything she went through as the unofficial/official spokesperson of the Freedom Convoy. Her incredible spirit of peace, love and unity for Canada is truly inspiring! The 2022 Freedom Convoy changed Canada and the rest of the world. Put down your fears and open your hearts to what really happened because it is now part of our Canadian history. A heartfelt thank you to Tamara for writing this book, and bearing her heart and soul for all of us. God bless you!

AC: I personally would like to thank Tamara for her belief in our country and our people. I think there would have been 10’s of thousands more people at the rally if our country wasn’t spread over so many miles. Plus everyone have been hurting because of our over taxing by all our governments. This is a fantastic read for all Canadians to read what really happened in Ottawa, I was with them all from the beginning & many tears were shed by me to see our country come together as we did. Watching all the videos people were posting made me feel like I was there with them. I hope to see another book by Tamara telling the whole story when her farce of her court case is over.

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