Honking For Freedom: The Trucker Convoy That Gave Us Hope

Honking For Freedom: The Trucker Convoy That Gave Us Hope – 2022

Even Canadians can only take so much. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imposed mandates designed to kill the job of every unvaccinated cross-border Canadian trucker — no exceptions — common-sense people rallied by the tens of thousands to support trucking convoys to the nation’s capital. They baked cookies. They cooked pots of chili. They waved flags from highway overpasses and stood together to sing “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.” Benjamin J. Dichter, official spokesperson for the Freedom Convoy, takes the reader inside the non-violent mass demonstration that insisted, “No more!” He tells how Canadians inspired parallel movements in thirty other countries and recounts the drama of a precedent-setting Bitcoin crowdfunding campaign. Most important of all, he establishes that Trudeau planned his spiteful, autocratic crackdown at the outset, invoking powers never before used against non-violent protesters in a Western democracy.

“The Canadian Trucker protest in Ottawa attracted tremendous national and international attention, and was simultaneously demonized by then Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cronies in the legacy media, the minions at the CBC first and foremost among them. What really happened? Benjamin J. Dichter, integrally involved from the beginning, lets his readers in on the story: one that all Canadians should know.”
— Jordan B. Peterson

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Some reader response:

TP: Honking for Freedom, from the first page, draws me in.

With this book, readers will find new illumination to stories of the people who were involved in the beginnings of the convoy and throughout the protest in Ottawa. Organizers? Planners? Truckers? Protestors? I can’t imagine all the stories that could be told from around Canada of people who were in Ottawa, the friendships and spirit. Countless, no doubt.

I have looked back at my notes to remember what was going through my mind in February, to get an idea how this book impacts me: I dared to hope in a fresh image of “Canadian” forming on the world stage, especially in contrast to the images of burning US cities juxtaposed with “Mostly Peaceful” headlines.

So here, Benjamin Dichter has written a 200+ page first-hand account as an organizer, writing stories we knew a little bit about, and many that were hidden from everyone. I am brought to marvel, in silence. A reader will find the core of peace, love, and unity, shining.

Tomorrow begins the final week of the POEC in Ottawa, during which the final government people will be called to speak. I’ll be taking this book to read and remember “the Trucker Convoy that gave us hope”.

N: A must read! Benjamin J. Dichter Honking for Freedom book provides an excellent overview of Canada’s largest grassroots movement, inspiring international support and action against anti-democratic measures towards human beings in the world.

An enlightening book highlighting what incited this largest protest in the history of Canada, from trucker Brigitte Belton’s call to action to BigRed’s social media presence inviting truckers to drive to Canada’s capital in unity. Discover how the Freedom Convoy’s public face and main fundraiser, Tamara Lich, got involved along with the official spokesperson, BJ Dichter, both promoting a message of peace, love, unity and freedom on independent media channels.

You will be moved by the extraordinary kindness and compassion from the man in the wheelchair, truckers lighting the way and so many ordinary Canadians, young and old, joyfully reuniting after years of tyranny by their political leaders and government. Details of how generous citizens and the Bitcoin fundraising campaign saved the day after the government froze access to the original fundraising campaigns to support the truckers.

Honking for Freedom captures a special moment in history and should become part of the education system curriculum.

ROJ: This book captures the stories and the essence of everyone who took part in the protest. It’s one of the few books I have read that evoked such strong emotion – feelings of happiness and sorrow. It became apparent early on that BJ did not just focus on his own experience, but the experience of others which I think made this book that much more impactful. The chapters, The Man in the Wheelchair and Bitcoin Proves it’s Power are just a few chapters that particularly stood out for me. The story each one told was incredible and one of them in particular made me well up with tears. I cannot recommend a better book to purchase if you want to remember the largest and most peaceful protest in Canadian history.

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