Important Legal Wins by the Informed Consent Action Network

In the video above, Del Bigtree, founder of “The Highwire” and the Informed Consent Action Network (, shares some of the recent lawsuits ICAN has won against the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I couldn’t do the work that I do without Aaron Siri, the lawyer I teamed up with back at the very end of 2016, just as I was starting my nonprofit,” Bigtree says.

“He’s just been so dynamic. I would say he’s probably the most successful lawyer working with our nonprofit ICAN in the medical freedom space, especially in this space of bringing awareness to vaccines.

We’ve won lawsuits against the NIH, CDC, Health and Human Services — all the medical regulatory agencies. We knew we would be moving into a new dimension when we took an offensive position; when we stopped defending ourselves against the bills and the laws that were coming at us, and started writing bills that benefit us.”

A Win in Mississippi

For example, in 2023, ICAN won back the religious exemption from vaccinations in Mississippi that had been gone since 1979. It was the first state in the union to lose the ability to opt out. In 2023, Mississippians regained that choice.

“It was California that really got me into this fight,” Bigtree says. “I was living in California when they passed SB 277 and joined Mississippi and West Virginia … As you know, the end of the first rule of the Nuremberg Code, which is the voluntary consent of the patient, is actually critical.

That transformed medicine as we know it. In the modern world, the Nuremberg Code was to make sure that the patient always maintained control so that we never found ourselves being experimented upon. So to watch these states, to watch President Biden mandate vaccines on people, and say you can’t go to work without a vaccination, is really terrifying.

It’s erasing probably the most important step in modern medicine, which is ensuring that the patient is always in control of their destiny. And so that was really critical to us. Winning that exemption back in Mississippi took years. It was actually quite fascinating. COVID delivered the way forward on that actually.

COVID woke so many people up. Just the fact that only somewhere around 10% of the people that are eligible for the booster shots are getting them … means 90% have left the CDC’s recommendations. That’s a huge, huge shift in consciousness in this country.

And of course you had at least 30% that never got the vaccine at all [despite] one of the most incredible onslaughts of propaganda. The Biden administration said publicly they spent $10 billion on advertising and using sitcoms and shows to brainwash us to get the vaccine. I mean, changes in political systems have usually happened with less than 30% of the driving force of the nation.”

COVID also forced courts to take a stand on religious rights. As explained by Bigtree, we saw churches being shut down while big box stores, liquor stores and even strip clubs were allowed to remain open. Court cases ensued, in which the courts concluded that wherever there is a secular right, there must also be a religious right.

ICAN mirrored that argument in its Mississippi case and pointed to the medical exemption. If people have the right to opt out of a vaccine program for medical reasons (which is a secular reason), then people must also have the right to opt out for religious reasons.

“Where there’s a secular reason, our constitution says there must be religious protection too,” Bigtree says, and that’s how they won that case. “Without COVID, I’m not sure that precedence would have been there,” he adds. This is also one of the reasons why Bigtree does not buy into the idea that COVID went exactly as the globalists intended and they got us where they want us.

“I don’t believe that’s true. I think we caught them by surprise. And I think they made some serious mistakes and allowed openings in the legal system by which we can take advantage and really start to shift some of this authoritarian pressure around medical decisions.”

In a project called “Free the Five,” ICAN is now working to regain the religious exemption to vaccination in Connecticut, New York, California, West Virginia and Maine as well. Another overarching theme of ICAN’s work is to eliminate any and all medical mandates in the U.S.

Other Important Wins

ICAN has also won cases against the U.S. Air Force and Army on behalf of soldiers who were being kicked out for refusing the COVID shot. They also won a big case against airlines that were mandating mask wearing. So, several precedences have now been set, which will make it all the more difficult for government to replicate what they did during the COVID pandemic.

“We have won these cases, showing that those were illegal actions by our government,” Bigtree says. “In fact, we showed that the Biden mandate [for businesses with more than 100 employees] was illegal … So it is going to be much harder for them to do this again …

Recognize that you live in a nation where you’re endowed your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by God, not by the government. This is something that we really got to get focused on, because I think people, and maybe the education system, have really shifted the truth on us where we think that the government somehow gives us our rights. They don’t.”

ICAN also spent a fortune suing the FDA to release the data from the trials of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID shots, as well as the CDC, which was refusing to release its V-Safe data. All of that is now coming out thanks to Siri’s dogged efforts, and the data are devastating.

Why Causation Cannot Be Proven

What people need to understand is that the system has been rigged in such a way that you cannot prove causation. ICAN has proven, in court, that none of the childhood vaccines ever used a true placebo group, which means you cannot establish causation.

“People don’t get this. When someone says ‘I feel like my child’s asthma is caused by the vaccine,’ they’ll always say, ‘Well, that’s correlation, not causation.’ What people don’t know is the only way to establish causation, the only moment that can happen, is during that placebo-based trial.

When they don’t do that, it doesn’t matter if 100 people die immediately after getting the vaccine, they will state ‘correlation not causation’ because you don’t have a control group to point against. It could be obvious, but they’re allowed that language.

And so they are avoiding doing the studies so that they never have to tell you that. But all that being said, we were promised that the FDA, CDC would be very transparent [about the COVID shots]. They knew they were rushing them to market without any long-term trials.

Now you and I both know they’ve never done a long-term trial on any of the vaccines, but this is the first time anyone in the world really became aware of that because it was happening right before their eyes. And they promised, ‘Oh, we’re going to be transparent.’

But as soon as we started to say, OK, we would like to see all the trial data that the FDA used to approve the EUA [emergency use authorization], they suddenly said they needed 75 years to collect all of that data and hand it over. So we fought them in court, and we ultimately won …

So, now we can hand all of that data to independent scientists around the world to start seeing what happened inside of these trials. There’s lots of great work coming from that showing that death rates were much higher in the vaccine group than they ever led on.”

What the V-Safe Data Shows

ICAN also won its case against the CDC, which was ordered to release its V-Safe data. V-Safe was a cellphone app that people who got the COVID shot could use to record side effects. As noted by Bigtree, “that’s the closest you’re ever going to get to a cohort study, because we know exactly how many people were in the group.”

The problem with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and other post marketing surveillance systems is that while you can see how many injuries and deaths there are, you do not know how many got the shot, so you don’t know what the rate of injury or death is. With the V-Safe data, we can make those calculations.

A little over 10 million people signed onto the V-Safe app and, of those, about 700,000 or 7% reported seeking medical care after their shot. So, now we know that 7% of the population that received the COVID shot required medical care.

Approximately 30% also reported being unable to perform daily functions, which is rather staggering. As noted by Bigtree, that makes the COVID shot one of the most tragic and dangerous vaccines ever made. But the reality is actually even worse than that.

“The CDC had played a trick on everybody,” Bigtree says. “We saw through FOIA that the working group that was working on the V-safe app knew that what they should really be looking at were the ‘adverse events of special interest’ — myocarditis, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, strokes and blood clots.

Those were on the list, but they ended up not putting any of those questions on this app, which shows you they were trying to avoid [finding out the truth about the rate of those side effects]. Instead, they included an open box text field, that if it didn’t fit into your check-the-box space, just write in what happened to you. There are over 7 million open box text fields.

That means people had injuries going beyond what they were being asked about. We did not [gain access to] that [data]. We got all the open-check-box fields, but Aaron Siri has gone a step further.

He stayed in court for a year and just won the case that the CDC is going to have to hand over all 7 million open text fields. We think that’s where we’re going to see people were going to the hospital with chest pains and strokes and heart attacks.

I believe we may be about to see the smoking gun. So, that’s a really, really big win. And I think it may be the revelation needed to put an end to this entire conversation on whether the COVID shots are safe.”

Is There Graphene in the Shots, and Do Viruses Exist?

Since their release, a number of theories have emerged about the COVID shots and their mechanisms of harm. For example, many believe, and claim to have evidence, that there is graphene in the shots that can act as a 5G antenna. I doubt this, and Bigtree agrees.

“One of the things we did was put it under a microscope,” he says. “We had over 100 vials that we put through electron spectrometry [with pathologist Ryan Cole], and all I can say is, out of the more than 100 doses … there was no graphene oxide to be found.”

I also do not believe claims that there are no viruses, and neither does Bigtree. He comments:

“I have always said I’m open to a conversation. I offered a couple of the leading voices in that sort of terrain theory, there is no virus space, the opportunity to come on my show. I haven’t even said this on the show, and I’m probably getting in trouble by saying this, but they came to me and said, we will only come on your show to disprove germ theory. We are not there to prove a theory of our own.

And I don’t think people recognize that that’s where this is at. They speak with such authority, as though we’ve got evidence of terrain theory and exosomes … But the truth is, is they know there’s not enough science to prove that. I am a skeptic and I will look at anything. I’m open to having my mind changed. But you have to have evidence …

But the point I want to make is that even if they can show that there’s some other delivery system, it’s not my hill. It’s not what I’m guided by God to be a part of. I’m winning the argument using their germ theory. Using germ theory, their vaccines are falling apart. I’m beating them.

It’s like we’re in the Super Bowl and millions of people are watching worldwide. I’m playing by their rules and winning. If I’m going to switch to some other theory, like ‘there are no germs,’ then I have to move everybody to a different stadium. It’s a whole new universe.

I’ve then got a whole new set of rules and have to start all over again. And frankly, we don’t have time for that. We are in a dangerous, precarious moment where we’re about to lose all control over our bodies, our sovereignty in so many levels.”

Is Viral Shedding Real?

So, what about viral shedding? Can an unjabbed person actually get sick from close contact with a jabbed individual? Here, the answer appears to be yes.1 Bigtree comments:

“I just had Dr. Pierre Kory on my show, who speaks very clearly about this. You have these studies where the parents got vaccinated, the children didn’t get the vaccine, and the children have the vaccinal antibodies. So they had the spike protein, but not the carrier, not the rest of the virus …

There’s a question about what is actually happening there, but clearly, there’s a transfer of some kind from the vaccine.

And when we look at all the anecdotal evidence — when it comes to women’s health and their periods changing when they’re around people that are vaccinated — I just think at a certain point, a logical, the stronger reality, the hypothesis is we are seeing a marked change in humans that haven’t received the vaccine when they’re around large groups of people that have.

So I think it’s clear that there’s shedding going on, though I’d like to see more science and evidence looking into that. But that’s where I am. And I’m concerned about it. I’m concerned about, how do I clear man-made spike protein and whatever this Franken virus is, out of my system? One of the things I started doing is I have a consistent intermittent fasting program now because I’m trying to create cell die off.”

Intermittent fasting may indeed be helpful in, if you’re sick or generally unhealthy, but I doubt it’ll be beneficial if you’re healthy. One of the things that improves mitochondrial function is lowering endotoxin. If your gut microbiome is healthy, fiber-rich foods like whole fruits will feed probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in your gut. But if your microbiome is unhealthy, then the extra fiber will make endotoxin-producing bacteria proliferate instead.

I also do not recommend extended fasting. Even intermittent fasting (fasting for eight to 16 hours a day) can be problematic if you have impaired liver function, because the liver is the primary storehouse of glucose in the form of a polymer called glycogen.

Normally, you have enough glycogen to last a day, but if you have liver disease like nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which at least a third of the population has, then your ability to store that glycogen is diminished and you are unable to supply that sugar to your blood. Without sugar, you go into a hypoglycemic coma and eventually die.

While your brain can thrive on ketones, it really needs glucose. The way your body reconciles this is that when your sugar goes too low, you release stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. So, when you’re on a low carb diet or do extended fasting, you end up releasing lots of stress hormones that, over time, destroy your body. So, you need healthy carbohydrates.

The healthiest carbs are ripe fruit. If you have an impaired microbiome, then you can have fruit juice without pulp, because, again, the fiber can trigger endotoxin release when you don’t have enough probiotics to keep the bad bacteria in check.

As for how to protect yourself against viral shedding, I believe nebulized hydrogen peroxide can be very helpful. If you do it at the very first sign of a respiratory infection, you only have to do it once and you typically won’t get sick. You can learn more about this strategy here.

More Information

If you’re looking for a reliable news source, you can’t go wrong with Del Bigtree’s show, ”The Highwire,” which can be found on, Rumble and your favorite podcast provider, including Amazon podcasts, Rephonic, Podbean and more.

To stay abreast of ICAN’s legal updates, sign up for their newsletter at There you can also find all the COVID jab data that have been released so far, including lot and dose data used to identify “hot lots” for the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J shots, and the V-Safe data.

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