Is it the Tolerant Lefts' Policy to Weaken Us?

For the past year, across all Western countries energy prices have skyrocketed while oil production in these same countries, most notably the US and Canada, has declined. President Biden has ordered a massive and historic release of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to blunt the sharp rise. But still, nothing is done to increase production. The US Department of Energy has forecasted that by the end of October 2022 the reserves will be at its lowest level since 1984.

Between 1988 and 2022 the growth of the most efficient and “green” power production, nuclear, has been completely flat, staying at around 450 operable plants for the last 30 years. This statistic considers worldwide plants. Russia and China both have dramatically increased their percentage usage from nuclear while democratic, liberal-run nations have decreased overall operable nuclear power plants.

All of this is happening while demand and usage of electrical energy has increased worldwide. Meaning more dependence on fossil fuel forms of energy production. Russia gladly provided all the fuel Europe needed and continuously increased their production to meet demand. At the same time, our governments slowed production of these fuels and demanded an exponential expansion of solar and wind energy which hasn’t kept pace and have their own obvious limitations. All in the name of what? To say we are a “greener” nation?


The liberal elites have put huge swaths of the world’s population in dangers that could have been completely avoided. We must ask ourselves why? What is the reason we have been put in this vulnerable position, and what can we do about it? We have been put in this vulnerable position because of greed, corruption, and a general distaste of mankind from the left. We have been likened to a cancer on the Earth, a virus spreading across its surface. And what happens to cancer and viruses?

When the lights go dark and the furnaces shut off, normal citizens like you and I will stand up. Just like our Dutch farmers, just like the Canadian truckers. We will peacefully protest but we will block commerce and production, to drain the elites’ coffers. This is our power, one of the few we still have today. Our power is in our numbers. We are the quiet majority, but we won’t stay quiet forever.


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