Joined dots and spontaneous synchronicity

1. Joined dots

Over the last few years I have presented and compiled vast amounts of information on the activities and nature of the thing I call the criminocracy.

Here is a list, with links, of specific subjects that have been covered on the Winter Oak site by me and other contributors:

Charles III
The Commonwealth
The Church of England
The Pope
Tony Blair
Chatham House
Klaus Schwab
The Great Reset
WEF Global Shapers
The First World War
Ukraine-Russia war

Fake terrorism
False-flag terrorism
The climate scam
Sustainable development

BRICS and China
China and BRICS
The Olympics
Impact slavery
Ronald Cohen
Smart cities
Smart stations

More on vaccines
Bill Gates
The chemicals industry

Global governance and the left
Fascism and the left
Funding of left activism
Fake-right opposition

The Edge Fund
Global inquisition

Fake anti-semitism
More smears
Global corruption
The Rothschilds
More on the Rothschilds

Looking back over all this, I think I can say that the dots have been joined.

Not every single one of them, of course – there is still plenty of detail to be revealed – but enough dots and joinings for an intelligent reader to be able to identify the shape and scale of the criminocratic beast.

Of course there will always be those who, for whatever reason, refuse to acknowledge the existence of what is clearly visible to anyone paying full attention.

Commentators, on social media mainly, try to dispute this reality in a number of ways.

Sometimes they try to redivide the whole picture that has emerged, by claiming that a certain part of it is more important than the rest.

If an article focuses on one area, they claim it is ignoring another. “It’s not that, it’s this!” Labels come into play a lot here.

On other occasions people say that the picture painted does not go far enough, that those identified are not the real culprits, that there is another level of intrigue that I have somehow always missed.

For instance, there are those who think that the British royal family are the real controllers of the world and merely pretend to be pawns of international bankers.

Why they would want to do that completely evades me – it’s hardly going to increase the respect felt for them by their “subjects”, is it?

A more common objection is, of course, that the existence of the criminocratic monopoly is simply not possible, that we live in a pluralistic world of competing interests and that it is absurd to imagine that one small group could have taken control over absolutely everything.

I refer these critics to the board game Monopoly, and in particular to the end of the game when one player is in an entirely dominant position.

We know that it is just a matter of time before he or she will bankrupt their rivals and “win” the game by achieving the aim as stated in its title.

To certain types, who consider themselves altogether “superior”, conspiracy realists like me are apparently simpletons, naive idiots who don’t understand how the world really works and, on the basis of paranoid assumptions, have constructed a fantasy version that answers some emotional need or intellectual deficiency.

My answer to these critics would be to invite them to read all the detail in the articles above and then to honestly reconsider their judgement.

But I know that most will never do that. If they were really interested in the truth, they would have discovered it already.

Finally, there are those critics whose “arguments” amount simply to insults.

As I have often pointed out, it is possible these days to be accused of “anti-semitism” on the basis of nothing at all.

To use the word “banksters”, to speak of financial parasites, or of an octopus of global control are all deemed to be “anti-semitic” by inquisitors who seem unaware of the extent to which this judgement itself reinforces the connection they are supposedly challenging.

To criticise Israel or Zionism is treated by these censors as being the same thing as hating Jews, even when those making the criticism are themselves Jews – of the “self-hating” variety, evidently.

To even mention the Rothschilds is to commit a cardinal sin from this blinkered perspective.

To ask, as I am now doing, how a “Jewish” label can automatically exempt an individual or group from all public scrutiny is regarded, by their twisted logic, as further aggravation of the same “offence”!

For me, the real crime would be to avoid seeing, or describing, the criminocratic conspiracy for fear of facing such criticism and smears.

Only when we have accurately identified the oppressors of humankind can we ever hope to topple them.

2. Spontaneous synchronicity

The other day somebody asked me how we could ever reasonably expect to break free from the system and create our own parallel societies, given the scale and ferocity of the violence with which that system has always forced everyone into its “inclusive” slave-camp world.

My response was that, in order to be successful, this breaking-away would have to take place nearly everywhere at the same time, leaving the system without the resources to suppress everyone at once.

When the other person quite reasonably queried whether this scenario could ever really happen, my reply was based on my understanding that the human species is not merely an umbrella term designating billions of separate individual human beings, but is itself a living organism.

We all know the term “Zeitgeist”, referring to the spirit of the times, the ideas in the collective air at any given moment.

We have also perhaps heard about the apparently strange synchronicity of people inventing the same thing, or having the same insight, at the same time in different parts of the world.

This only makes sense if we see individuals, for all our necessary sense of subjective self, as ultimately cells of larger bodies – these are not just humankind, in fact, but also the totality of our world and indeed the living cosmos as a whole.

The dots are all already joined, and always have been – it is only our awareness of the connections that can be lost.

While most people’s lives are usually focused on individual survival and well-being, there are moments when they are filled with the overwhelming urge – the need, even – to stand up against a great evil happening in the outside world.

When they go out into the streets, they find that there are thousands more like them, who have appeared through what Gustav Landauer called “a sort of spontaneous generation”.

This spontaneous synchronicity is, I believe, a manifestation of the collective spirit overriding individual subjectivity at a moment of great crisis or danger, allowing the people to rise together at one time with one voice.

I have seen this happen on a few occasions in my life – such as with the massive rejection of the Iraq war by the British public, the vast support and enthusiasm for the Gilets Jaunes uprising in France, the pro-freedom protests everywhere from 2020 and today the worldwide outrage against Israel and the Zionist establishment that supports it.

All these revolts were and are, in fact, against the very same criminocracy – despite the ongoing efforts from certain quarters to separate, in our minds, the last two.

Growing awareness of the nature of the ruling mafia also brings us deeper understanding of what our resistance represents and what is at stake.

After I had written the first half of this article, I came across a powerful piece by the Palestinian author and activist Susan Abulhawa.

She writes: “Power adapted since the 1960s, creating new stops, levers, gates and gatekeepers.

“They lulled us back into their system, rebooted it with greater cruelty and corruption, and retooled it with distractions and celebrity worship while they consolidated and concentrated power in the hands of a tiny minority…

“All dots are connecting now. All the borders fade, leaving us united to confront this greedy genocidal minority everywhere.

“If we allow the wheels of this genocidal Zionist engine to keep turning, there will be no more limits to fascism”.

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A final reminder that I am speaking about my political philosophy in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the evening of Thursday May 30, 2024. More info here.

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