Katrina vanden Heuvel: Biden's Domestic Agenda — Taxes, Reproductive Rights — Undermined by Foreign Policy


President Biden delivered his State of the Union address Thursday night. In it, he made his case for a second term ahead of this year’s presidential election, criticizing Republican front-runner Donald Trump without mentioning him by name, and highlighting his administration’s policies to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, reinstate reproductive rights and provide support to Ukraine. Our guest Katrina vanden Heuvel, the publisher of The Nation, describes current U.S. foreign policy as a “Cold War redux moment” that threatens the success of populist economic policies that have recently taken hold in the Democratic Party after decades of trickle-down, neoliberal economics. She calls for “ending the policing and the global policing which the establishment believes is their right,” warning that “if you don’t have a transformative foreign policy, you will end up with military Keynesianism.”

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