MEGA BOMBSHELL! James O’Keefe Infiltrates White House Cyber Command, Discovers Ultimate National Security Threat

Alex Jones shares his thoughts on the latest undercover footage from OMG

Alex Jones shares his thoughts on the latest James O’Keefe undercover report, this time exposing a top White House advisor who admitted Biden’s mental state is kaput and that the administration wants to boot Kamala Harris but are afraid of firing the first black female to serve as VP.

Both Jones and tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom pointed out the video highlights a glaring security risk considering O’Keefe easily got the Biden insider to gossip while hardly wearing a disguise.

Jones said, “Can you imagine what foreign intelligence agencies are able to do? This is beyond a national security crisis because America’s been hijacked by globalists that want World War Three. This is a global crisis of incompetence now displayed at a level never before seen.”

“Imagine what professional foreign spies can achieve when James O’Keefe disguised with nothing but glasses and a homosexual demeanor can get someone from the White House executive office with top security clearance to sing like a bird,” wrote Kim Dotcom.

O’Keefe revealed the White House advisor, Charlie Kraiger, has deleted multiple social media accounts.

However, O’Keefe shared archived versions of Kraiger’s now-deleted accounts.

Watch the full encounter below:

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