Message to Black Voters: Vote Trump to ‘F**k Over’ Deep State

Voting for Trump increasingly being viewed as protest vote against establishment.

A black MAGA supporter shared a passionate message calling on fellow members of the black community to support former President Donald Trump’s re-election bid, describing it as a way to challenge the federal government that’s repeatedly wronged them.

Watch the man’s message to the black community below, where he claims a vote for Trump would help “fuck over” the government that assassinated prominent black figures like civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and others.

WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE. Viewer discretion advised:

The message comes as the Biden administration is struggling to connect with black voters, who haven’t seen any improvements in their communities since the Biden regime came into power.

“I’m not a Trump supporter — let’s make that clear,” one voter told NBC News. “But I was concerned about President Biden. What has he done for Black people, who were a big reason for him winning? You hear that noise coming from the other side and you think, ‘It’s the same ol’, same old’: People begging for our votes, but not doing anything for us after they get it.”

One man interviewed on the streets of Chicago admitted he and other black MAGA supporters are ready to protest outside the Democratic National Committee’s DNC 2024 convention in the city later this year.

The Chicago community has grown increasingly frustrated with the Biden administration due to the influx of illegals bussed in from Florida and Texas, a situation that’s strained local resources in a city already struggling to meet the needs of its own residents.

For the most part, Trump has embraced the revenge rhetoric, telling voters at last year’s CPAC, “I am your warrior, I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.”

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