Nearly Half a Million ‘Inadmissible’ Migrants Have Flown Into US Under Biden Parole Program

“This alone stands as one of the gravest criminal acts in American history,” senior Trump advisor Stephen Miller says

Nearly 500,000 migrants from select countries have flown into the United States since the beginning of 2023 under the Biden regime’s ‘CHNV Parole Program.’

InfoWars correspondent Dan Lyman joined Alison Steinberg on In Focus on One America News Network to discuss these shocking numbers.

More than 184,600 Haitians, 101,200 Venezuelans, 91,100 Cubans, and 75,700 Nicaraguans had taken advantage of the program by the end of April, according to figures obtained by Bill Melugin of Fox News.

“Biden has secretly flown nearly half a million illegals into the US. This alone stands as one of the gravest criminal acts in American history,” Stephen Miller, former senior advisor to President Trump, wrote on social media in response to Melugin’s findings.

“Yet this is all in addition to the daily mass resettlement program on our southern border. The Democrat Party is destroying us.”

Approximately 30,000 otherwise inadmissible aliens are arriving in the U.S. every month under the CHNV program.

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