“No legislation can muzzle the truth”: Energy industry hits proposed NDP ban on pro-oil ads

The energy industry is taking aim at an NDP member of Parliament’s efforts to ban advertising supporting Canada’s resource sector.

The Canadian Association of Energy Contractors has spoken out against Bill C-372, also known as the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act.

Introduced by northern Ontario NDP MP Charlie Angus, the bill seeks to ban the advertising of Canadian oil products and even proposes jail time or hefty fines for offenders. 

Mark Scholz, President & CEO of the energy contractors group, expressed the association’s strong opposition to the proposed legislation.

Scholz said that the bill would hinder Canada’s ability for a more climate-friendly future.

“CAOEC is disappointed by the lack of knowledge surrounding the energy issues that Canadians and many countries face. This bill would impede our country’s ability to foster a sustainable energy industry, strengthen decarbonization efforts, and advance Indigenous economic reconciliation,” said Scholz.

“Our association will always stand up for the hard-working women and men who produce the world’s cleanest oil and gas, and will continue to advocate that people have access to responsibly produced Canadian fossil fuels.” 

The association represents energy service companies, including several Indigenous-owned and -operated firms, which pride themselves on offering high-paying, skilled jobs in small and rural communities. 

Scholz said these companies are pivotal in Canada’s energy transition and recognize the importance of environmental protection alongside economic growth.

“Canada is the best in the world at producing responsible and environmentally sustainable oil and gas, and no legislation can muzzle the truth. The facts are clear – we need Canadian oil and gas, and our people will deliver on this promise,” said Scholz.

The energy contractors group is comprised of 95 member companies engaged in land drilling, directional drilling, offshore drilling, and service rig operations. 

Together, they operate a significant fleet of 444 drilling rigs and 735 service rigs across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada.

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