Government Photographer Chan & The Confederate Flag

The Confederate Flag Was Carried by a Masked Man. The photos published around the world caused the government to condemn the entire group as racist.  Chrystia Freeland described how a black MP was traumatized and hurt when he saw such a disgusting photo.

Freeland refused to offer an olive branch because of the hurtful evil flags. The single image was used to disparage the entire rally. The single photo of an unknown flag bearer was used to vilify the entire group.

So who took the photo? Who took this photo seen around the world that Trudeau and Freeland used to shut down any conversations? The only high-quality images come from a single photographer… his name is Dave Chan.

Here is the reverse angle of Dave Chan photographing the masked flag bearer. From the series of photos we can see Dave Chan followed the flag for a while, getting some good angles of the masked man (or agent-provocateur?)

So is Dave Chan? He’s a HOC photographer.

Dave Chan’s LinkedIn page lists House of Commons as his employer. So a HOC photographer was sent to take photos of the freedom rally and was able to appear right next to a masked man carrying a confederate flag. Such a coincidence or such luck?

Perhaps someone was paid to help the government smear the rally and Dave Chan was the guy tasked with getting the perfect shot so Trudeau and Freeland could use the race card?

Here is more of Dave Chan’s work. He does well with the Liberals.

Dave Chan completed his assignment well. Was he involved with the set-up of a photo-op? We might never know unless the authorities ask Dave Chan how he was fortunate enough to create a viral image that was used by the government to smear the protest.

Let’s have some answers.


Honk Honk.

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