Our Quest for Freedom: Inspiring

[This is from my latest book Our Quest for Freedom and other essays]

When you change the way you see your life, you also change the world around you.

When the world fills with people who live for greater purpose and not for their own little self-interest or self-preservation, it is not the same world.

It is no longer bound by the rules of the system, it is no longer confined within the flat playing pitch of the game the criminocrats have rigged to win for perpetuity.

It has opened out, taken on another dimension, the dimension of spirit that the system has tried hard to banish for so many centuries.

It knows it has to try to block spirit, because it knows that it is spirit that will defeat it.

The system is, in itself, the negation of spirit.

It is the thwarting of life, the denial of truth, the blocking of the light.

When it is forced to defend itself on the level of spirit, there can only be one result. It will be defeated.

When you become life-as-purpose, when you surrender your being to spirit, you hammer a nail in the coffin of the criminocracy.

You also inspire others to join you, to become as powerful as you are.

They don’t have to have heard about what you have become, or read about it, or seen any direct effects.

Because we are all part of one living organism, they know what you have become, in the same way that I know that the circulation is coming back to my toes after a frozen walk in the snow.

When you serve spirit, and thus life and humankind, you become a tingling in the World Soul, a pulse of energy sent into billions of other hearts that reminds and awakens and inspires.

Humanity, real humanity, smothered and half-dead for so long, stirs in its drug-induced sleep and starts to twitch its foot, wriggle its fingers.

The spirit is flowing back into its veins. It is waking up and it wants nothing else but its freedom.

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