The Andrew Lawton Show | Activists say Trudeau should be spending more on climate change

A report from the “sustainable economy” firm Corporate Knights says Justin Trudeau’s government pledged to spend $48.6 billion on climate change over the last nine years but has ‘only’ spent $34.3 billion, calling for the government to “follow through” on its commitments. True North’s Andrew Lawton says encouraging the government to throw more money at the weather isn’t going to change anything.

Also, the firearms industry group that contracted with the federal government to work with firearms stores on the so-called gun buyback now says the government is in over its head. Wes Winkel, president of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, joins the show to discuss.

Plus, a study from the Aristotle Foundation finds that while Jewish groups condemn attacks on Muslims, Muslim groups in Canada don’t tend to reciprocate. Study author Rahim Mohamed explains his findings.


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