The Andrew Lawton Show | Liberal desperation showing on Toronto byelection day

The long-awaited Toronto—St. Paul’s byelection is today, and Liberal cabinet ministers have descended on the Liberal stronghold to try to get the vote out at a time when Justin Trudeau is twenty points behind Pierre Poilievre in national polls. While the Liberals may still win the riding, they have spent the last two weeks trying to lower expectations to soften the embarrassment that may be coming to them, True North’s Andrew Lawton says.

Also, Naheed Nenshi is now the Alberta NDP leader. We’ll talk about what that means with Lindsay Wilson from Alberta Proud.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta director Kris Sims returns for her Monday checkin talking about the high-flying catering bill Trudeau racked up on one of his foreign trips.

Plus, despite claims from anti-Israel activists that Israel is “starving” Gazans, the facts show a different story. Andrew discusses with Honest Reporting Canada assistant director Robert Walker.


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