The Andrew Lawton Show | Liberals have spent $42 million on gun “buyback” without getting a single gun

The gun “buyback” the Liberals announced four years ago, which was supposed to be completed by 2022, has so far racked up $42 million in costs without even confiscating a single gun. Even so, the government is still committed to this approach, which is squarely aimed at registered and legally-owned firearms, and not those overwhelmingly used in gun crime. True North’s Andrew Lawton says it’s bad news for taxpayers, but good news for lawful gun owners.

Also, a new study from the Fraser Institute shows that government spending and public sector employment are on the rise in almost all provinces – meaning government is getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight. Andrew unpacks the numbers with Jake Fuss, the Fraser Institute’s fiscal studies director.

Plus, city councillors in the British Columbia city of Quesnel have condemned the mayor’s wife for, as a private citizen, distributing copies of the True North-published book “Grave Error,” a scholarly work pushing back at the mainstream narrative on residential schools. One of the co-editors, Professor Tom Flanagan, joins the show to discuss.


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