The Andrew Lawton Show | Life in Canada keeps getting harder

Andrew is away this week, so Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation Alberta Director, Kris Sims, will be hosting the show!

On this special edition of The Andrew Lawton Show, Kris takes a deep dive into Canada’s cost of living crisis, examining how despite a slight slowdown in inflation, rising gas prices continue to worsen. At the same time, Canada is set to refinance one-third of its $1.4 trillion debt this year at higher interest rates, significantly increasing costs for taxpayers. Will there be any relief for Canadians?

Also, newly released documents show Canada spent almost $3 million to send a delegation to COP28 in Dubai, nearly double what was initially reported. Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins to discuss.

Plus, the Trudeau government’s proposed ban on new gas and diesel vehicles by 2035 may overwhelm Canada’s power grid. So why are they still pushing this agenda?

Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show, guest hosted by Kris Sims!


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