The Andrew Lawton Show | Mark Steyn on trial for criticizing climate alarmist

Canadian commentator and author Mark Steyn is on trial for allegedly defaming Michael Mann, a former Penn State climate professor and the creator of the infamous “hockey stick graph” showing a surge in global warming in the 20th century. In a 270-word blog post in 2012, Steyn called the graph “fraudulent.” Twelve years later, the case is finally on trial in Washington, D.C. True North’s Andrew Lawton is in the courtroom this week covering it. In this episode, he gives a primer on the case with Phelim McAleer, who, along with Ann McElhinney, is chronicling the case through daily recaps and reenactments in the podcast Climate Change on Trial.

Also, Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta director Kris Sims returns to talk about Alberta ramping up oil production and how the tax on the carbon tax is gouging Canadians.


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