The Andrew Lawton Show | NDP MPs are bailing

Three NDP MPs – including longtime party stalwart Charlie Angus – have announced today they aren’t seeking re-election, with Angus acknowledging the beginning of a new “political era.” True North’s Andrew Lawton says it’s no surprise, as the latest polling shows Conservatives could make serious gains even in NDP ridings, including Angus’.

The public inquiry into foreign interference is underway, vindicating past reporting that the Liberals were the beneficiary of assistance from the Chinese regime. Former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu joins to discuss.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has conceded that a “massive spike” in temporary residents in Canada has been “far beyond” what the country can absorb, but his former immigration minister, Sean Fraser, says the federal government isn’t to blame for this, but rather businesses that have made use of temporary foreign workers. Trudeau’s about-face on immigration has left an opening for a real conservation about the issue in the next election – but will political leaders have the courage to have one? Macdonald-Laurier Institute researcher Joe Adam George joins to discuss.


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