The Andrew Lawton Show | Poilievre pushes non-confidence motion in Trudeau over carbon tax 

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says Justin Trudeau has just one day to scrap the impending carbon tax hike before the Conservatives will force a motion of non-confidence in Trudeau’s government. Poilievre says he’s willing to fight a “carbon tax election.”  While the motion has little chance of succeeding, True North’s Andrew Lawton says Trudeau shouldn’t be afraid to defend the carbon tax at the ballot box if he’s so confident it’s the right call.

Also, a University of Toronto professor says he was punished for playing a philosophical game with students meant to spark debate. His mistake was including the statement “men can become women” as launching point for debate. Prof. Leigh Revers, who wrote about the ordeal in the National Post, joins Andrew to explain.

Plus, members of Parliament voted in favour of an anti-Israel NDP motion this week, with the Conservatives and three Liberals opposed. Robert Walker of Honest Reporting Canada joins the show to discuss.


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