The Andrew Lawton Show | Trudeau tells Liberal MPs not to worry because everything is fine

According to a Hill Times report, Justin Trudeau has told Liberal members of Parliament not to worry, because despite the Conservatives’ large lead over the Liberals, this will all get sorted out next year. True North’s Andrew Lawton says any Liberal MPs serious about their political futures should be showing Trudeau the door right about now.

Also, anti-Israel protesters at McGill University in Montreal have established an encampment to demand the university divest endowment funds from Israel and cut ties with Israeli academic institutions. Columnist and Montrealer Barbara Kay joins the show to discuss.

Plus, new data show that carbon emissions in British Columbia have continued to rise despite the province’s long-running carbon tax. Why should Canadians keep going along with this? Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation weighs in.

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