The Gaza Project: Investigation Details Israel's "Unprecedented" Targeting of Palestinian Journalists

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Gaza is the deadliest place on Earth for journalists ever recorded. As many as 140 journalists and media workers have been killed there since October, a figure that the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate says represents 10% of the journalists in Gaza. The Gaza Project, a new collaborative investigation from the nonprofit group Forbidden Stories, finds that at least 40 were killed while in their homes, at least 14 were wearing press vests when they were attacked by the Israeli army, and at least 18 were killed, injured or allegedly targeted by drones. Hoda Osman, a journalist and executive editor of Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, who worked on the investigation, shares some of the findings, including the targeting of Agence France-Presse’s Gaza bureau and the killing of journalist Bilal Jadallah, the founder of landmark Gaza-based media organization Press House-Palestine. The scale of these deaths is “unprecedented,” and not a “natural result” of wartime conflict, emphasizes Osman. “It should be a crisis for journalists worldwide.”

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