The military-industrial guilt complex

When the smoke cleared in Europe in 1945 it revealed a continent in physical and psychological ruins.

Millions lay dead from the second terrible war in a couple of decades; surviving populations were traumatised by bombing raids and invasions; great cities had been reduced to rubble and the US and Soviet military empires were dividing up the spoils between them, imposing economic, cultural and political control over their respective spheres of influence.

Added to that was a sense of guilt for what people had learned about the concentration camps – this was centred on Germans, of course, but shared by the rest of Europe, the West, humankind even.

This guilt smoothed the way for the long-planned creation of the Zionist state on Palestinian soil, reining back criticism of the project and its supporters.

The spectre of the Nazi regime and its crimes was also used to discredit political movements that could plausibly be accused of sharing some aspect of its ideology.

Any nationalistic tendencies – whether against US domination, European centralisation or the power of transnational corporations and institutions – could easily be demonised as a resurgence of the Hitlerian horrors.

This device was later extended to non-nationalist criticism of the international financial system – we were told that using the term “banksters” was hate speech and that any reference to a global financial mafia was clearly an anti-semitic trope.

Even environmentalism (the real, nature-loving, kind) has been depicted as a slippery slope to fascism, as I have previously described at some length.

This ridiculous claim is based on the fact that the Nazis, like today’s climate racketeers, used “green” language to initially sell their ultra-industrialist project to the public.

The “anti-semitic” smears have become increasingly far-fetched in recent years.

Anyone speaking up against the mass-murdering ethnic cleansing in Palestine, no matter how obviously non-Nazi and non-racist they are, is treated as if they were personally responsible for events at Auschwitz 80 years ago.

And any challenging of general official agendas is now likely to be met with the same hysterical response, as I reported at the beginning of this year.

There I described how the EU Strategy on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life (2021-2030) justified its claims that anti-semitism was on the rise by applying the label to questioning of the Covid “pandemic”.

The authors of that report, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (whose dubious connections I detailed in the article), is also one of several Zionist organisations behind a more recent document.

Conspiracy Theories: A Guide for Members of Parliament and Candidates basically warns that the rule of the global military-industrial complex is threatened by people finding out what it is and what it is up to.

It phrases it slightly differently, of course: “Conspiracy theories can pose a danger to democracies, public health, social cohesion, public safety and more; they reduce trust in democratic institutions, in governments, and in mainstream, regulated media outlets. Conspiracy theories can also reduce political participation and conformity to the rule of law”.

I won’t go into all the detail, because it is similar to that in the EU report, but it represents a startling culmination of the way in which allegations of “anti-semitism” are used to defend the dominant system.

Needless to say, it continues to plug the lie that even to challenge the activities and influence of specific Jewish individuals amounts to hostility to all Jews.

Thus, in a section describing anti-semitism, it states: “The Rothschild family, a wealthy Jewish family that rose to prominence for its success in banking, has also become synonymous in far-right and far-left circles, with corrupt Jewish power that seeks global domination and undermines governments and existing social order”.

But it goes even further by effectively coming up with an all-embracing conspiracy theory of its own – namely that anti-semitism lies behind all conspiracy theories!

It also triumphantly produces a diagram to show how it thinks this works.

As you can see, it regards questioning of Covid-19, The Great Reset, 5G, 15-minute cities, the climate agenda and global control as all revolving around anti-semitism.

The accompanying notes, unsurprisingly, do not justify this conclusion.

For instance, the category “The Great Reset” is awarded the anti-semitism tag on the basis of the following description: “Originally a plan by the World Economic Forum to encourage governments to move toward fairer and more sustainable policies. Highjacked [sic] by conspiracy theories claiming the plan is used to control populations and economies to benefit a small group of powerful people”.

Anti-semitism can only be identified here if the “small group of powerful people” is automatically assumed to be Jewish.

Given that the authors of the document would no doubt argue that this assumption is anti-semitic, why do they themselves make it?

Could it be because they are well aware that there is indeed a small group of powerful people behind the Great Reset agenda and that, while they are not all Jewish, they are all beholden to Rothschild-dominated (and thus Zionist) interests?

The same applies to the whole of their framing of anti-semitism as uniting all varieties of what they term conspiracy theory. When they hear people expose fake pandemics, smart cities and global totalitarianism, they know full well that their own Zionist mafia network is behind them and they therefore hear criticism of that entity.

So they simply wheel out the labels they always use to silence criticism, regardless of the fact that this criticism is not based on hostility to Jews but on hostility to criminocracy and that describing reality cannot logically be termed either “conspiracy theory” or “anti-semitic”.

I see this as an expression of their own guilt – and a projection of that guilt on to those whom they smear as conspiracy theorists.

The authors of the report know, deep down, that they themselves are liars with callous contempt for anyone not belonging to their in-group (including anti-Zionist Jews).

So they accuse their enemies – those they feel are threatening their control – of faults that are really their own.

In the grimy and distorting mirror of their own guilty consciences, those of us who seek to discover and share the truth in the interests of freedom and humanity are therefore depicted as spreading “misinformation” and being motivated by “hate”.

Although this gaslighting projection of guilt is not meant to be an admission, it effectively plays that role.

Because the guilt is projected, it is also inverted and thus their diagram labels the factor uniting all the various conspiracies as “anti-semitism”, the term they use to smear opponents of Zionism.

Try looking at it again, but imagining that the term in the central yellow box is “Zionism”, thus inverting the inversion.

Since October 2023, the Zionist affiliation of worldwide power has been plainer than ever to see and this kind of propaganda merely confirms what many already suspected.

As for the additional hypocrisy of dishonestly tainting your political opponents with a supposed ideological connection to a genocide from eight decades ago, while fervently cheering on one that’s happening right now in 2024… well, it defies description.

The louder the propagandists shout that talking about the global criminocracy is anti-semitic, the clearer the reality becomes.

Their desperate and panicky narrative does not speak of a confident and stable world governance.

Instead it tells us of a massive criminal endeavour that has arrogantly been pushed too far, too soon.

The greedy and over-fed globalist serpent has tied itself in knots of lies, has swallowed its own scaly tail, is choking on its own culpability and is spewing forth the awful truth that had to be kept hidden from its mind-manipulated victims.

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