‘This Is Why People Vote For Trump’: Maher Warns Canada Has Become Radical Left’s ‘Cautionary Tale’

“Canada is what American voters think happens when there’s no one putting a check on extreme wokeness,” says liberal comedian.

HBO’s late night host Bill Maher warned his fellow liberals that Canada has become a cautionary tale of the left’s radical policies that alienate average voters and drive them to conservative leaders like Donald Trump.

“I need to cite you as a cautionary tale to help my country. And the moral of that tale is, yes you can move too far left. And when you do, you wind up pushing the people in the middle to the right,” Maher said.

“Canada is what American voters think happens when there’s no one putting a check on extreme wokeness.”

“And this is why people vote for Trump. They say in politics, liberals are the gas pedal, and conservatives are the brakes, and I’m generally with the gas pedal — but not if we’re driving off a cliff,” he added.

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