U.S. General Sounds Alarm on Chinese Border Crossers: ‘They Are Coming Here to Kill Us’

“As we speak, these actors are training, making plans and obtaining weapons, watching our patterns, and learning our vulnerabilities,” says retired Air Force Gen. Blaine Holt.

A retired Air Force general warned that America’s enemies, namely China, are laying the groundwork for an attack against the homeland by exploiting the porous open southern border.

Gen. Blaine Holt (Ret.) told the Gatestone Institute this month that the Chinese Communist Party is deploying thousands of military-age men into America through the southern border, where they’ve already begun weapons training in preparation for conflict with the American people.

“Tens of thousands of military-age men have come across our border and are now in America, organized by group and nationality” Holt told Gatestone. “Among them are terrorist and state actors, in particular, members of the People’s Liberation Army of China. As we speak, these actors are training, making plans and obtaining weapons, watching our patterns, and learning our vulnerabilities.”

“We are vulnerable to attack,” Holt added. “Our enemies eagerly wait.”

China expert Gordon Chang explained how this plan is part of China’s unrestricted warfare doctrine first outlined in

“Chinese agents, in addition to hobbling Americans with disease and gunning them down, could bomb power stations, attack military bases, start wildfires, poison reservoirs, or create terror in dozens of ways,” Change wrote.

“These tactics come straight out of Unrestricted Warfare, a 1999 book written by two Chinese air force colonels and first published by the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing. The colonels argued that China can and should employ any tactic in attacking a militarily superior United States. Now, Americans can see how Beijing is operationalizing the suggestions in this how-to manual.”

Chang cited videos circulating on X of Chinese men who recently crossed the U.S. border quickly beginning firearms training, an activity that’s prohibited in China.

“There is no Second Amendment in China, and Chinese citizens are not permitted to possess firearms. So is it possible that the shooters in the videos are merely taking advantage of a new-found freedom in their new home country? Unlikely.”

“One of the migrants videoed was in America for only three weeks and arrived in the country with no money and no identification,” Chang noted.

“If you had just landed somewhere as a migrant with nothing to your name, you would undoubtedly be preoccupied with finding your next meal, getting a place to live, making a livelihood. You would not, within weeks of entering your new homeland, be sharpening your skills to kill.”

This comes as investigator Michael Yon and journalists at Muckraker.com have reported on the inflows of military-age men from China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela embedded among the hordes of migrants traveling up from Central America.

Biologist Bret Weinstein also recently visited the Darién Gap in Central America to get a sense of the operational sophistication of the NGO networks facilitating the migrants to the U.S. southern border.

One of the disturbing elements he discovered was China, with UN cooperation, had appeared to construct parallel staging areas exclusively for Chinese migrants, who he claimed were cagey and hostile to inquiries about their intent to enter America.

“These, Chinese folks who are overwhelmingly male, military age…It is not a friendly migration…This felt like people who did not want to share information, because it would be a mistake to do so,” he said.

Recall that authorities also discovered a secret Chinese biological weapons lab with at least 20 pathogens – including Ebola – in Reedley, California last year.

“The other thing they found was nearly 1,000 mice, 175 of them dead, that had been genetically engineered to transmit disease,” Chang said in August. “So, the only conclusion that fits the facts is that China was preparing to launch a pathogen from this lab, and I’m sure there must be others around the United States as well.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration seems totally uninterested in the potential national security implications of thousands of undocumented Chinese males streaming across the U.S. border illegally.

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