UCP MLAs to attend town hall highlighting COVID vaccine harms

A town hall discussing the harm and even deaths attributed to COVID-19 vaccines will double as an opportunity for Albertans to mingle with UCP MLAs, organizers say. 

The event, titled “An Injection of Truth Town Hall,” will host vaccine researchers and critics in Calgary-Lougheed next month, according to a listing on the UCP’s official event website. Attendees who purchase tickets will also receive access to the after party Politics and Popcorn, where they can mingle with speakers and MLAs, including the rookie MLA for the riding, Eric Bouchard.

“Was your child killed or injured by a COVID shot? Do you have a story to tell? You should be heard,” reads the event page.

“Are you one of the remarkable doctors, scientists or researchers who know the answers? Now is the time to say the quiet part out loud; let’s target the elephant in the room.”

The page cites recent statistics that show excessive deaths for children are up 350% since 2021. 

“Why are an excessive number of Alberta’s children dying?” the page reads. “What’s scientifically different today than 2020?”

Calgary-Lougheed MLA Eric Bouchard is expected to attend the town hall. He told City News the event is just one of many being hosted.

“We have had several successful town halls about issues my constituents care about and they have all been incredibly well attended and well received,” he said in an emailed statement. “We always welcome diverse viewpoints and open dialogue because it’s important for people to listen to different ideas and perspectives, even if they disagree.”

Confirmed event speakers so far include David Speicher, a Canadian scientist who proved the presence of excessive plasma DNA in the injection vials, William Makis, an Edmonton ER doctor who is studying the impacts of mRNA injections in children, and Calgary based pediatrician Eric Payne. 

Payne was one of four Alberta doctors who launched a lawsuit against Alberta Health Services’ mandatory workplace COVID-19 vaccination policy in October 2021. 

Also in attendance is Jessica Rose, who recently testified to the US Congress about the plasma DNA in the injections, Bryam Bridle, a virology professor from the University of Guelph, David Wiseman, a co-author of recent studies identifying excessive plasma DNA in injection vials, and Ontario doctor Chris Shoemaker. 

The Ontario medical college suspended Shoemaker’s licence over his COVID-19 vaccine comments, and he continues to call for protecting children by ending the vaccine. 

The town hall will also include families “who have felt the pain of COVID mRNA injections.”

“Was your child killed or injured by a COVID shot? Do you have a story to tell? You should be heard.”

Eventbrite has deplatformed the June 17 event and tickets are now being sold on the UCP website

The event comes as UCP board president Rob Smith urges Alberta Premier Danielle Smith to change the province’s COVID-19 vaccine policy over concerns about the safety of mRNA vaccines for kids.

In an interview with True North, Smith said he wants doctors to be more forthcoming with parents about potential repercussions of the Covid-19 vaccine. Smith said the board has already shared its concerns with the premier. 

He also said the UCP Calgary-Lougheed Constituency associated began organizing the town hall and the party has a responsibility to support it. 

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