Watch: Geopolitical Expert Scott Benett Responds To Attack In Moscow

Former US Army Special Operations Officer and Psychological Warfare analyst Scott Bennett says Moscow terrorist attack could be meant to provoke Russia to counterstrike.

Former U.S. Army Special Operations Officer and Psychological Warfare analyst Scott Bennett joined The War Room on Friday to respond to the Moscow concert hall terrorist attack.

Bennett claimed the move was likely not ISIS, but a Ukrainian-CIA proxy meant to goad Russia into attacking NATO or the West, which would allow U.S. war hawks to pressure Republican holdouts to support a massive counter attack.

“I could see, based on my experience, could easily see the West doing this sort of terrorist attack to provoke Russia into a counterstrike to try and hope that Russia attacks America theaters, American kindergartens, American infrastructure to say ‘aha, now we have to go to war with Russia,’” Bennett said.

“Russia won’t react that way. Russia never reacts that way. So they won’t take the bait,” he continued. “They won’t strike America or Britain or France, but I could see those political neo-Nazi New World Order Klaus Schwab androgynous puppets doing this to their own people…allowing CIA or Mossad operative or MI6, a whole group of them setting off little Operation Gladios in Europe, in the United States to blame on Russia to justify a larger war footing.”

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