‘We’re Not Stupid Enough to Elect You Again!’: Biden Voters Turn On Sleepy Joe

Liberal voters cite Biden’s handling of Israel-Gaza conflict as primary reason they are unwilling to vote for him again in 2024.

A group of Michigan voters expressed their disappointment and regret for voting for Joe Biden in 2020 and said they won’t make that same mistake again.

MSBNC had assembled several Biden voters into a panel to gauge how they still feel about him heading into the 2024 election — and their responses were not encouraging for Democrats.

“Is there a path forward for you with Biden?” the MSNBC host asked a female voter.

“Oh, absolutely not. You cannot keep killing people with our money,” she replied, citing Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The other voters also cited the Israel-Gaza conflict as the primary reason for losing support for Biden.

One voter said he’d only support Biden again if he called for a “permanent and immediate ceasefire” in Gaza and “stop aiding Israel in their war crimes.”

Another voter said he’d be “willing to punish Biden” by not voting for him if it meant “paring his loss with the genocide in Gaza.”

One woman also asked why voting out Trump is more important than helping the Palestinians in Gaza.

“Why is our democracy more important than thousands of men, women and children being killed?” she asked.

The latest Gallup poll released on Friday showed that Biden’s approval rating has declined to 38%, one point away from his all-time low and significantly below the typical reelection benchmark.

It also showed public satisfaction with immigration issues fell to a “new low” of 28%, 3 points down from November. Biden’s approval rating for handling the conflict between Israel and Hamas is down by 2 points to 30%.

Michigan’s presidential primary begins on Tuesday, Feb. 27, where Democrat voters can choose between Joe Biden and Rep. Dean Phillips (Minn.).

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