Why Trans-Activists Should not be in Political Positions of Power.

What is the purpose of government when it’s boiled down to its main functions? It needs to protect our borders and maintain rule of law and order. Why do we need government to do these critical services? The foundational reason is to allow us as a population to focus on raising families, which consumes all of our time. Government gives us the ability to raise our families in relative safety and in an absence of real true danger.

We elect our officials based on the idea that they will be the most competent individual for the job. However, when our elected officials then appoint others that clearly have a mental disorder the overall competency is diluted.

Trans-Activists, most being transexual themselves, and having gender dysphoria, tend to have their own interests at heart and the interest of people like them in the forefront of their actions. People afflicted with a disorder like this should be left out of politics and would be better suited in positions of political consultation because they don’t have the general populations interest centered on their work.


In a recent study from UCLA transgenderism affects approximately 300k youths and 1.3m adults in The U.S., this accounts for roughly .5% of the total population.While we can all agree that they should have representation, however, that doesn’t mean transgender people deserve over representation.

Here’s the real problem, if the population overwhelmingly wants protection so they are able to raise a family, the last thing we need is any individual making bureaucratic rules while having mutilated their body in a way that permanently takes away the possibility of them having a family of their own. Simply put, they can not relate to the overwhelming majority of the people.

This should be obvious, we hire able bodied individuals to protect us in our military, police, firefighters, etc.. Anyone with a major physical or mental disability is unable to appropriately do these jobs. This isn’t personal it’s just the fact. Why do we not demand the same for our government appointees? We should demand that political appointees have the general populations interest at heart and at their utmost priority. Trans-Activists do not fit this criteria, it’s nothing personal it’s just fact.

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