Woke Anti-Racism Policies are Racist to White Employees

As we all know by now corporations have gone completely Woke. They are pandering to a noisy left that throws temper tantrums like two year old’s in the streets. All while the not so silent majority takes note and begins to hold these radical corporations accountable for their racist actions.

Former American Express employee, Brian Netzel, is sounding the alarm on corporate “woke” policies and is taking Amex to court. American Express is just the another corporation to be added to the list of these completely woke companies. Companies such Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Lowe’s, Pfizer, and of course Disney all have adopted these policies that promote racism towards white employees.

In 2020 Amex adopted several racially discriminatory policies that favored black employees over whites when promotions would come available, or when any employee disagreement between a white and black worker came up, immediately the side of the black individual was taken. Employees were encouraged to report anyone who didn’t agree with these new policies or the philosophy in general.

Netzel, speaking to Fox Business, went on to give examples of some of these policies saying when meetings had been called, “White employees were not allowed to talk before black employees were given the opportunity to speak first”. These kinds of policies are damaging to our society at all levels and need to be eradicated through our courts, and our dollars.

When a company begins to promote and give preferential treatment to employees based on their “protected classes” we no longer operate in a meritocracy. Individuals should be promoted and given opportunities based on their merit, how hard they work, their ethics and morals, who they are as a person not who they are as a group.

Corporations today are clearly and unambiguously not promoting the most qualified individual and it is showing in the market place. Qualified employees are leaving their current jobs in record numbers today because they see the pattern. They know their not going to be able to step on the next rung of the ladder where they are at currently, so they jump. Their landing more and more at non-woke corporations who do still value all the characteristics that make up a good, efficient employee.

What is bound to happen is liberals stay at these morally bankrupt corporations and our more qualified conservative counterparts leave to create new. This will be one of the greatest social experiments that we will see in our live times. Can you imagine a large, global, complex organization being run by the left from the top down? Once they’ve alienated all the producing employees they’ll be left to consume themselves with their self righteous, entitled philosophy. Meanwhile the conservatives that created new, hired and promoted based on merit will steam ahead and leave these old wilted corporations to rot in the mess they created.

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