Biden Voter Brags: ‘Illegals Are Coming Here, They’re Gonna Vote Democrat, And We’re Gonna Win!’

Soy boy liberal also declares he doesn’t believe in borders and professes his allegiance to a “One World Government.”

A Biden supporter said the quiet part out loud during a discussion hosted by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

While debating Kirk at the University of Utah, the soy boy Biden supporter bragged that the open southern border will allow untold numbers of illegal aliens to vote Democrat in the 2024 election and propel Joe Biden to victory.

“How many illegals are crossing the border every day?” Kirk asked him.

“A lot,” the Biden supporter replied. “And they’re all going to vote Dem!”

Kirk was so stunned by the liberal’s response that he asked him to repeat his statement.

“The illegals, well ‘illegals’,” the Biden supporter said as he held up air quotes, “Yeah, they’re coming here, they’re going to vote Democrat and we’re going to win.”

Kirk responded, “So you are admitting the border is a political tactic by the Democrat Party. Joe Biden is opening the floodgates of this country because he wants to hold on to political power. We’ve been saying this for a long time.”

“Proof!” the soy boy shot back.

“Proof? You just admitted it,” Kirk said. “What is he doing to secure the border when you have 15,000 people a day coming across your southern border?”

The Biden supporter even rejected the concept of national borders and pledged his allegiance to a “One World Government.”

“Do you believe in borders?” Kirk asked.

“Ehhh, as like a…I believe that…,” he struggled to answer before saying, “Eh, nah. No borders. No. One World Government.”

Kirk then summarized the soy boy’s “final pitch” for Biden: “No borders, lots of war, more spying and bankrupt the country.”

“He is still going to win,” the Biden supporter insisted.

As we reported, some illegal aliens who’ve entered the U.S. have openly admitted their intent to illegally vote for Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

And thanks to little-known loopholes in states like Wisconsin, illegal aliens can obtain a free ID for voting without providing proof of any sort of identifying documentation.

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