Bombshell: Sharyl Attkisson Confirms Congress Controlled by Feds

Veteran journalist Sharyl Atkisson describes how members of Congress are bribed and blackmailed by federal agents to advance the establishment’s agenda.

Ever wonder why our supposed Representatives never actually represent us?

Veteran journalist Sharyl Attkisson shares what she’s been told about how members of Congress are bribed and blackmailed by federal agents, the same kind of people who plotted to put kiddie porn on her husband’s computer when they were threatened by her reporting.

Also learn how cures for diseases have long been suppressed to prop up Big Pharma.

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Author: InfoWars
Since the beginning of time there have been constant attempts to enslave and subdue the spirit of humanity. From Barbarian hordes streaming down the mountain to the Stasi secret police torturing those who dreamed to be free.In this age of rapidly accelerating technology the threat to our liberties is a very real and present danger. Alex Jones is a unique voice that sifts through the information and exposes the underlying intentions. Support freedom and real journalism by coming to your own conculsions and doing your own research at the Info Wars website at

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