False Flag Alert — EXCLUSIVE! FBI Memo Warns of White Supremacist Attacks on Migrant Centers in South Texas

Are the feds planning to stage an attack on an illegal immigrant holding facility to blame Trump supporters?

Emergency message from Alex Jones:

Original article below:

Infowars has received reports from federal sources that extremist rightwing militiamen may be plotting to attack a Border Patrol facility in Eagle Pass housing migrants, possibly in efforts to frame MAGA Republicans.

Infowars correspondent Chase Geiser reports a confidential federal source has observed a circulating FBI bulletin warning the extremists were planning an attack on the facility sometime this week.

“We’ve gotten some alarming news today from a government source,” Geiser reports. “The source from the government shared with us a bulletin that was sent from the FBI regarding two radical right-wing extremist militiamen. They believe they are planning an attack on the border patrol facility on Firefly Lane here in Eagle Pass sometime between Friday and Monday.”

Since receiving the report, the Infowars crew has witnessed several buses moving migrants from the facility to other facilities throughout the area.

“We believe that they’ve been moved from this central processing facility on Firefly Lane because they’re anticipating an attack sometime between Friday and Monday from the so-called right-wing extremists,” Geiser reports.

The memo describing a possible rightwing terrorist attack comes as thousands of conservatives traveling with the “Take Back Our Border” trucker convoy are set to arrive in Eagle Pass later this week.

More on this as it develops…

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