Watch: Dr. Drew Explains How RFK Jr. Helped Wake Him Up to MSM Lies

‘I’ve realized that everything in the news is BS. Everything. There is nothing on legacy media that I can trust.’

Renowned physician Dr. Drew Pinsky discussed his great awakening red pill moment after he interviewed Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, who helped him realize how Covid jabs were harming people and how cancel culture was taking over.

“I’ve realized that everything in the news is BS. Everything,” Dr. Drew told Dave Rubin in a recent interview. “There is nothing I can consume on legacy media that I can trust and that is shocking…It makes you wonder how long it’s been going on for…I didn’t realize how much speech was being suppressed.”

Dr. Drew found himself targeted by Big Tech censorship back in August 2022, after he showed during a YouTube broadcast a vaccine-related eye injury he incurred after receiving an experimental Covid jab.

Since then, Dr. Drew has been sounding the alarm on Covid vaccine injuries.

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