The COVID-19 vaccines did not save lives

The spike protein of the virus, that is also being utilized in the vaccines, is damaging to our cells through 3 mechanisms. The first is that when the spike protein binds to the ACE2 receptor it causes the ACE2 to send signals to the mitochondria within the cell which destroys the mitochondria, eventually killing the cell. The second is that when the spike protein binds to our ACE2 receptors it causes the ACE2 to send signals to other cells which increases the amount of pro-inflammatory agents in the blood. This inflammation damages the tissues.

The third way is that when the spike protein binds to the ACE2 of the platelets in our blood, it causes them to clot. Now, the vaccine manufacturers did take steps to make the spike protein more safe. The spike protein has two parts an S1 subunit and an S2 subunit. The S1 is the part that connects to the ACE2, and the S2 is the part that opens up like a knife stabbing the membrane and facilitates fusion between the membrane of the cell and the envelope of the virus.

With the vaccines, they modified the S2 subnit so that it could not open up and jab into the cell membranes if it connects with any ACE2 receptors. They thought this would make the spike protein safe, but this assumption is false and if they had taken the time to do more research before rushing to production they would have found that out. It may seem like the jabby bit is what damages the cells, but actually the major damage is caused by the S1 connecting to the ACE2 receptor. Just the S1, by itself without the S2, causes the ACE2 receptor to start the cell signaling processes that cause the mitochondrial damage, the pro-inflammatory response, and the blood clots.

“The COVID-19 vaccines did not save lives and appear to be lethal toxic agents – the vaccines did not reduce serious illness (as claimed by manufacturers) enough to reduce any risk of death. In the 17 countries of the present study, there is no evidence”

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