You Can’t Unfry an Egg

Criminals are innocent until proven guilty, but medical drugs are not like criminals, medical drugs are guilty until proven innocent.

Pharmaceutical companies must prove the innocence of their medications through long term testing. Doctors, bureaucrats, and the public seem to have forgotten this fact when they mandate a new technology to be injected into us without long term testing to prove the innocence of the drug. The vaccine may have completely unknown and serious side effects that manifest in a majority of the people only in the long term.

So, the vax may appear to be safe in the short term, but in the long run it causes severe harm or even death. It is extremely risky to innoculate the entire population if we don’t know what the long term effects may be. It is especially risky to vax our critical workers with an experimental drug about which we know nothing in the long term. If it turns out that within 2 years of taking it, the vaccine causes the debilitation of a large portion of the people who took it and we had forced all our healthcare professionals to take it, then our countries will lose a large portion of their healthcare professionals. This would devastate our society’s ability to treat the sick and cause massive death and suffering.

Same goes for the military. If we vax all our fighters, and the vax turns out to greatly physically or mentally weaken most of the people who took it, there goes our ability to defend ourselves. We won’t be able to fight off any aggressors and will lose years of military experience as we will have to re-train a whole new set of recruits without the previous military leaders. If most of the laborers are vaxxed and the vax causes bodily weakness, then they won’t be able to go to work and our production falls to zero. Without domestic production, we would have to rely on foreign imports but the economy would also grind to a halt so the nation would have no money to pay for these imports. This would probably be a death stroke for whatever nation was victim to it. So, force vaccinating critical workers, or even a large portion of the menial labor force, is a massive national security risk. We also have no way of calculating how large the percentage of risk is since we know nothing at all about the long term effects of innoculation with this type of technology.

This could utterly destroy any highly vaxxed nations. This outcome would be so bad (total collapse of a society’s infrastructure) that only a massive amount of safety data could justify innoculating the entire population with any treatment. But we just don’t have that safety data for these experimental drugs right now, and will probably not have it for decades to come. By then, it will be too late to do anything about it.

You can fry an egg, but you can’t unfry it. Just the same, you won’t be able to unvax the population, there’s no way to get the vax out of the body once it’s in. The solution is to only vax the old and vulnerable at risk populations and not vax everyone. This issue worries me deeply since there must be risk responsive people at high levels of government who must understand and be sensitive to this type of national security risk. Yet, these people are either being completely ignored or they are allowing the government to proceed with the risky mass vaccination programs anyway.

Separately, these 9 issues would be a concern. But put together, they are incredibly alarming. To me, something feels very wrong here. You too may have already felt it in your gut or in the back of your mind or when reading this. That feeling that something is wrong is instinct, it is the product of millions of years of evolution. A gift from our ancestors who also saw something that was wrong in their environment and had this weird bad feeling.

They acted on it and it saved them. So they were able to pass on that instinct to their off-spring from generation to generation. Now, after millions of years, it finds its way to you. If you feel what I feel, that something is very wrong here, I implore you:

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