Why China Will Never War With The West

China is one of the oldest and most influential civilizations in human history. Its contributions to science, literature, philosophy, technology and art are renowned worldwide. Yet, despite its long and illustrious past, the idea that China might go to war with the West seems highly unlikely, given the current geopolitical and economic realities.

China is known for its large army; however, it remains untested in a significant conflict. Although China does maintain a presence in many international military operations, such as supporting UN peacekeeping forces, the country has refrained from engaging in hostilities with other nations. Factors include their lack of modern warfare experience and commitment to maintaining solid diplomatic relationships with other countries. China’s military is considerably weaker than many western countries, primarily due to its lack of resources and financial investment, resulting in fewer modern weapons and limited training for its personnel.

Another factor that could impede any potential conflict between China and the West is the country’s dependence on foreign food sources. Though the Chinese government has made concerted efforts to increase domestic agricultural production, it still imports a significant amount of food from other countries. This means that China would be more likely to prioritize diplomatic solutions over military action in order to protect its access to vital food supplies.

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China’s low levels of domestic energy production are another factor that prevents it from engaging in open war with the West. China currently produces only 60 percent of its energy supplies, with the remainder coming from imports, including coal and oil, which are critical for powering industry and military operations. A conflict with the West would likely disrupt China’s energy imports, potentially crippling its ability to wage a successful war.

Additionally, China has struggled to innovate for a multitude of reasons. First, a lack of intellectual property rights protection and government-mandated infrastructure plans resulted in many Chinese companies striving to replicate foreign designs rather than create their unique technologies. As such, it would be costly and difficult for them to develop the military technology necessary to wage a successful war against the West.

In the end, the likelihood of China engaging in war with the West is highly unlikely. Western nations’ immense economic and military power makes it an unwise decision for China to risk such a conflict. Furthermore, the Chinese government is well aware of its current military limitations and understands that attempting to go against such a formidable alliance would be a Pyrrhic victory if at all.

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